“Here’s what some of our clients have said about us.”

We’ve worked across a range of industries, sectors, professions and levels of seniority including Administration, Accounting, Banking & Finance, Construction, Engineering, Executive, HR, Healthcare, Hospitality, Marketing, Retail, Sales and Tech.” You might want to lay this out better, I’m wanting to convey the breadth of experience.

Fatlind Gashi, Owner

Balkania Foods

I was having difficulty hiring a senior manager into my company, I just wasn’t getting good enough candidates. Someone introduced me to TalentAttract and Stephen wrote an amazing job ad which attracted many strong CVs. This included two very skilled and experienced candidates who said they only applied because they liked what it said in the job ad. I hired one of them and saved myself thousands in recruitment fees.

Stephen McConnell, HR Director


I needed to find a credit controller quite quickly, which is a challenge in the Northern Ireland market, where the good ones are few and far between. I had already paid quite a few recruiters’ fees in the past year and would have liked to avoid that high cost. Someone told me about the services of TalentAttract, where the cost was buttons compared to my usual fee. When I spoke to Stephen he seemed to know the challenges of a credit control job before he questioned me. The job ad he produced was like nothing I had seen before. I couldn’t recognise my own company! We received six strong applications and interviewed two candidates. One lady completely surpassed my expectations, she had everything I was looking for and then some. I immediately offered her the job.

Kathy O’Donnell, Director of EMEA Marketing


I was looking for an EMEA Marketing Operations Manager for Dropbox, with specific niche skills. They are typically hard-to-find, and my recruiting team expected this role would be filled with a sourced candidate. However, Stephen at TalentAttract created a very compelling job ad which attracted the successful candidate in record time. No recruitment fee or sourcing time required from the internal recruiting team. I was very happy with the service and outcome.

John Foley, Ex-CEO

Athletics Ireland

I was retiring from my role as CEO of Athletics Ireland and I had the responsibility to write the job description for my replacement. It was something I was struggling with from a time perspective. Coincidentally, around that time, I was introduced to the perfect service. It started, impressively well. Stephen, the owner, rang and asked me very pertinent questions about the job and Athletics Ireland, he already seemed to have an understanding of the role. Within 48 hours he had a draft of the job ad. It needed a few tweaks and he was happy to amend three times. The final version of the job ad was perfect; it captured the challenges and opportunities of the job incredibly well. So much so, that when the ad was passed to the Athletics Ireland board, they didn’t make one change and they were full of praise. The position was filled promptly. The business offering by TalentAttract was something I’d never heard of before, but it’s a fabulous proposition for anyone struggling to write a job description or having trouble filling a position.

Mal Barritt, MD


I used the services of Stephen and TalentAttract for a recruitment drive. Stephen assisted us in crafting our adverts as previous ads had been dull and largely ineffective in driving candidate interest. He reviewed our proposition and carefully designed new ads that really got the message across about what we had to offer as a company and a career, not just the jobs in insolation. He also gave us advice on how to promote these ads through various recruitment channels, specifically through social media. The results of the recruitment drive were incredible, we doubled the number of candidates we ordinarily get applying for our jobs. The impact of such enabled us to have superb choices and make great appointments.

Liam Smyth, Talent Aquisition Manager


Whether one is brand new to recruitment or has been in the business for years, I can guarantee that you’ll never write a job ad the same way again! Who knew such a simple thing as how you write an ad, would change so dramatically the quality of candidate that applies to a vacancy!?

Mike McDonagh, Director

Sigmar Recruitment

Stephen first introduced me to the importance of effective job ads about a decade ago. Since then I have been a huge advocate of his principles and practices. The services of his business, TalentAttract, will help anyone recruiting, attract a higher calibre of candidate.

Carol Kealy, Senior Recruitment Professional

Irish Life

I worked with Stephen for a number of months on improving job ads for Irish Life to help us better sell our career opportunities and excellent company benefits. We have worked on a range of roles from tech through marketing and finance. I was very pleased with how the new job ads looked and every one to date has had a great response with quality candidates, some leading to placements. I would recommend Stephen’s services for candidate attraction.

Estelle Curry, Career Coach

Florescit Coaching

As an HR Manager, I worked with Stephen in a previous company. That’s why he was the first person I turned to, to help create content and a value proposition for my new business as a career coach. Coming from a marketing background, Stephen has a very strong understanding of HR and specifically recruitment, and I was impressed with how he wanted to get a real understanding of my offering. He’s an excellent consultant.

Simon Berry Byrne, Owner

Pixeltown Web Design

I worked with Stephen on a key web project and I can only highly recommend him. His positive attitude, attention to detail and work ethic towards the project was exceptional. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

Des Goldrick, Owner

Core Recruitment

One thing that's impressed me when working with Stephen is that he understands the challenges of recruitment and he has some very effective solutions.

Martina Quinn, Senior Manager

Hays Recruitment

This workshop helped me place a strong emphasis on effective advert writing. The training really transformed all my adverts. The response rate has increased dramatically which is critical in a candidate driven market.