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TalentAttract works on a flat fee so you can select the services you want from the recruitment process.

Unlike a recruitment agency that charges between 10-30% of the salary for your job vacancy, TalentAttract works on a flat fee. I believe attracting that talent is the most important part of the process, so I would always recommend choosing at least the job description service.


  • Deep analysis of the role, the company and the person required
  • 30 min consultation
  • Production of a compelling and persuasive job ad by a professional copywriter


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Advertising Strategy

  • Expert advice on the right advertising platform
  • Management of advertising the job
  • Social media creative - choosing an eye-catching image and persuasive caption
  • Collating and forwarding the CVs


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  • CV screening and shortlisting (up to 15 CVs)
  • Candidate screening by video call (up to 8 candidates)
  • Easy to read shortlisted report for quick review
  • Extra CVs or screening calls can be accommodated at an additional cost

From €800

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  • Expert advice on interview techniques, scoring and selection
  • Interview participation (up to 3 candidates)
  • Reference checks
  • Extra candidates can be accommodated at an additional cost

From €1,000

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Other services

  • Strategy for large-scale recruitment campaign
  • Employer videos
  • Careers website
  • Employer branding analysis and implementation

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