Targeted Advertising Strategy


Every product/service has a strategy to decide how much to spend and what channels to spend it on.

I appreciate that micros and small businesses can’t afford a huge advertising budget, so I strive to get our job description in front of the right eyeballs at the lowest cost.

For example, your job vacancy can be advertised on social media and for no cost or Indeed for as little as €5 a day.

Advertise + Monitor

Dependent on the job role I will recommend what channels we should use and how much it would cost. We monitor the results from those channels and decide after a period of time if another channel is required.


Social Media

I will create a captivating social media post, using creative imagery and persuasive words that will catch the eye of the right jobseeker who will seek out the job description and apply.


I will produce a report of the results from our advertising.

Now that we have plenty of quality CVs coming through the next stage is to do the screening.

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