Accountable Interviews


An interview programme that includes situational, behavioural and competency based question is devised.

The interview stage needs to be structured as much as possible so you can ensure a fair and unbiased process that examines the capability of the candidate to succeed in the role.

Dependant on the role, I will devise an interview programme. It will include the type of questions - situational, behavioural and competency based and a score card so every candidate can be analysed fairly and can receive adequate feedback.

Format of the interview process

One stage or two stages? Video call or face-to-face? Where is the location? The number of candidates to be interviewed.


Style and content of the interview

I will recommend the style and content of the interview based on the job role.

You're Hired!

Upon approval of the interview questions and scorecard, we will conduct the interviews.

Upon selection of the first choice candidate, I will conduct the reference checks and provide advice on negotiation to reach the stage of acceptance.

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