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It’s possible to build an employer brand, even with a handful of staff.

It’s easy for a micro or small business to say they can’t compete with the big corporates in this area. It’s also wrong. Not everyone wants to work in a huge company with lots of layers and bureaucracy. There are many positives to working for a small firm; decisions can be made very quickly, staff have wider roles and more autonomy and everybody knows each other.

If you’re hiring, your job description should give a flavour of your employer brand to the readers.

So, what content can you have on your careers page?

Mission, Vision and Value Statements

Even a sole trader can have these statements. But it shouldn’t just be words, they should be used a strategic tool for your company.



Every single company has a culture, even if they haven’t defined it. It’s how you do things in your organisation, how speak, act and what you value. It is lived, not dictated. However it should led by your mission, vision and values statement.

Rewards and Benefits

You may not be able to compete like-for-like with large organisations, but you don’t have to. Finishing early on a Friday, an extra day off for birthdays, flexible working are all initiatives given by micro businesses that are appreciated by their staff.


Diversity and Inclusion

While this can sit within your culture, diversity and inclusion is becoming a more important part of jobseeker’s decision making when choosing a job.

TalentAttract can work with you to define any of the above and ensure your employer brand is well represented through your careers page. I can work with in partnership with your web developer, or bring my own specialist to devise your careers page.

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