Employer Videos


That's a tip to a longer lasting, successful relationship between the employer and jobseeker

TalentAttract will work with you to find out what the message you’d like to get across then I’d plan the video shoot, explaining every scene and writing the script and use my video specialist to shoot and edit the video(s).

Here are the various types of employer videos:

Message From The Owner(s)

Everyone who is considering a job would like to know what the owner is like. It’s why Glassdoor have an option to rate the CEO or owner of a company. This can be a simple welcome message, or to talk about what your company does, its values and culture.


A Tour Of The Office

This allows people to see where they’ll actually be working, it can also take in the exterior of the building or its location and amenities nearby.

Meet The Staff

It’s really important in micro or small companies for everyone to get along, we all like a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and this is an opportunity to sell that atmosphere to candidates.


Job Description Video

While a properly written job description is a powerful tool in hiring great people, a video is even stronger. It gives the applicant more of a feel for the role, the company and the hiring manager.

Of course you can combine some, or all of the elements mentioned above. Contact us to discuss more.

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